Chairman’s Address

Chairman’s Address

Fifty – two years ago, joined by a small team with limited resources but lots of hopes and dreams, we laid the foundations for what was soon to build up to a lifetime aspiration: a powerful, dynamic Greek pharmaceutical company. The pharmaceutical industry is vital not only to national economy, but also for the national medical and pharmaceutical communities, the Greek people and the preservation of the great blessing that is Health.

Today, looking back at that quite challenging and yet productive time, we feel vindicated and proud! ELPEN has managed to grow into a modern, evolving European company with international authority. Ever since it was set up, ELPEN has aimed at providing for and giving back to the Greek scientific community. To this end, in 1996 we established the Experimental Research Center of ELPEN, a major step forward for the Greek industry and a respected facility for experimental biomedical research and training in Greece and the European and eastern Mediterranean areas at large.

Our values and goals for the future are:

We want to be acknowledged as essential and fair partners.
We want our progress measured objectively by reaching high goals.
We want the Center to be the means that empower major scientific talents
to emerge.
We want to banish the attitude that Greece will always be lagging behind facing the same problems, generation after generation.
We want, as Greeks, Greece at the leading edge of developments and this shall be our great contribution.
We want to help Humanity, as this is going to remain after us and forever.

Dimitrios Pentafragas
Chairman of the Board of Directors, ELPEN S.A.