Research Generates Life

The opening ceremony of the facilities of a new laboratory mark the beginning of an era of expectations and hope – in a difficult period for our country.

Already the Experimental Research Center of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Industry counts no less than 21 years of history on its consistent, creative course. Our new facilities come to respond to modern developments and signs of the times. And yet they also offer irrefutable evidence of ELPENs steadfast orientation towards values, such as research and training, which is our contribution to our country and its scientists. Representing the concise history of the Center, the information you will find here verifies the number and quality of scientists that have worked with us, the impact and value of the work performed here, and its recognition, both in Greece and worldwide.

Quantitative and qualitative attributes aside, it is our duty to mention the love and faith of all those scientists who have worked or currently work at the Center, the desire and anticipation shining in their eyes and reflected on their actions, which keeps them coming back here to work on research and training projects. It is this freedom to try out something new, to be assessed on it, and to plan your next step, i.e. the future. All scientists are or wish to be creative. This is only part of the big picture. Without vision and values, without proper infrastructure, without proper training, without proper organization or staff, without careful analysis of every new idea, none of the above could be feasible. ELPENs Experimental Research Center is the facility that provides a context within which all the aforementioned can come true and into fruition.

The Center is historically the first laboratory for Experimental Biomedical Research and Training in Greece that comes from the private sector – the Greek productive industry, for that matter. It is a successful model and real proof of the great potential that emerges when the public and private sectors team up. Common ground to both, it is a hothouse for generating and joining forces, a truly innovative idea in Greece, its science and national economy.

Apostolos E. Papalois
Biologist PhD, KGSJ, AMACS
Director of the Experimental – Research Center of ELPEN S.A.


The project of creating ELPENs Experimental Research Center was launched in the autumn of 1995 and was carried out in 1996.

Ever the avid proponent of research, ELPENs Chairman Dimitrios Pentafragas had been assisting with conducting and completing research theses since the 1970s – so much as becoming personally involved in projects. In the 1980s once again he facilitated pilot-educational experiments on the use of endoscopic instruments in laparoscopic surgery. This marked the beginning of endoscopic surgery in Greece.

An entirely Greek-owned company, ELPEN ranks among the 10 largest industrial companies in Greece. In 1996, to give something back to the medical and pharmaceutical communities, as well as the Greek people, ELPEN began to invest consistently in Research & Development.

ELPENs success has been the product of hard work. There are no miracles; only faith that one day hard work will turn into tangible result – that is the true miracle. Today the overwhelming majority of the scientific world identifies ELPEN with its contribution to research and training. It is in the essence of this contribution that has lain ELPENs motivation and purpose – and there it shall remain.