Research Means Life

Chairman’s Address

Dimitrios Pentafragas

Fifty – two years ago, joined by a small team with limited resources but lots of hopes and dreams, we laid the foundations for what was soon to build up to a lifetime aspiration: a powerful, dynamic Greek pharmaceutical company. The pharmaceutical industry is vital not only to national economy, but also for the national medical and pharmaceutical communities, the Greek people and the preservation of the great blessing that is Health.

Research Means Life

Our strong drive to excel in research and development as well as make a crucial contribution to the education and smooth integration of young scientists led us to create the most significant – and the only privately owned – Experimental and Applied Biomedical Research laboratory in Greece. ELPEN’s Experimental Research & Training Center is the most important privately owned center for education and translational research in the Balkans, and among the ten most important in its category in Europe. It is also the first and only Greek laboratory, and among the first in Europe, to obtain the UEMS/NASCE certification.

National Collaborations

We have strong collaborations for many decades with: Greek Universities & Research Centers, University Hospitals, Greek National Health System Hospitals, Private & Military Hospitals and Greek Medical & Scientific Associations.

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International Collaborations

We operate around the globe and we have valuable international collaborations with numerous Universities & Scientific Bodies.

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Postgraduate Studies – Lifelong Learning

We support and work closely with Greek & International Universities, Research Institutes, International Scientific Associations and Hellenic Scientific Associations.

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Research Protocol Application

Elpen has been continuously investing in Research and Development since 1996.

Until today, more than 350 research protocols have been performed in our facilities. Many of them are PhD dissertations or Master’s theses in cardiology, general surgery, pharmacology, gastroenterology, intensive care medicine, orthopedics, infection medicine, etc. If you wish to apply for a research protocol, please enter the following link.

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